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Meet Danny Thompson and the Band
Below are the bios of  the band members of the The Thompson's

Danny Thompson Bio 

 Danny Thompson has been riding high following 2 US nominations as Best New Country Artist by Nashville’s New Music Weekly for the single Miles & Miles in 2016, and 2017 best new AC artist of the year, he’s no newcomer to the music scene. Danny has been writing and performing for more than four decades. Danny’s 2016 release Miles & Miles is a tribute to Thompson’s son Jamie. The young trucker died tragically in an accident involving his rig, just before Christmas of 2012. He was just 33-years-old. The Thompson Band is a family affair with daughter Danielle playing piano and providing vocals while son Jordan plays bass and provides back up vocals for the group. 
The Thompson’s recorded Miles & Miles in Nashville where they completed their brand-new album with producer Bill Watson. “Dan is providing excellent song writing and a great voice, two things I don’t get an opportunity to work with very often,” said Watson. Meantime, Shawn Connelly who is engineering the album’s tracks has worked with the likes of The Oakridge Boys. The brand-new album Miles & Miles was released fall of 2016. The Thompson’s have released 3 singles from the album to date and currently recording another new album at the Metal Works Studio in Mississauga.  The first single entitled: Between Sundays will be released the beginning of April 2018.

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Website: www.dannythompsonband.com 
Promotion email: jfairchilder@gmail.com

Email: dannythompsonband@gmail.com

Jordan Thompson Bio
Ever since he was little, Jordan Thompson says his dad had always encouraged him to play an instrument of some kind. He started strumming a guitar at the tender age of five and took up bass guitar when he was 14. About a year later, he began gigging in bars with the country and classic rock group Nowhere Road, Danny Thompson’s group at the time. Jordan says performing with his dad’s band is great, but it can be tough at times. “Its fun, but also the person who is going to be most critical about you is your father,” he says. Jordan says his dad taught him to be exactly the type of bass player he wanted to have in the band and admits that’s what makes him a better musician. The 23-year-old hopes to follow his music passion on a full-time basis one day. Meantime, along with his busy performing schedule, he also works as an Auto mechanic
Danielle Thompson Bio
Danielle Thompson has been singing since the age of three and playing piano since she was in the 5th grade. The 21-year-old, who began playing with the Danny Thompson Band when she was just 16, describes the experience as “amazing.” “I know he’s my dad, but it’s amazing to have somebody like him mentor you. He can pick up any instrument and just play it. Sometimes it makes you a little jealous because you wish you could do things so effortlessly. When it comes to constructive criticism to help you improve what you do, he’s a great band leader and a great dad,” she says. Danielle says that she loves being on stage and touring. She believes that playing with a family-oriented band is great. Along with her musical career, Danielle is currently studying criminology and psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. She has done a lot of volunteer work with animals and hopes to apply to the Doctors of Veterinary Medicine program at the University of Guelph within the next three years.

Sharon Thompson Bio

 Sharon is a Canadian musician that hails from Waterford Ontario. Sharon’s music style combines elements of both modern and classic country music and rock and roll. Sharon made her debut with the Danny Thompson band in 2017 with her Concert and Baritone ukulele’s and is now filling the need for a unique instrument that has been sought after by many bands.

Devon Turnbull Bio
Devon Turnbull began playing drums at the young age of seven. The 43- year-old had been with at least three bands before landing a spot with the Danny Thompson Band. “I like the live shows, I think they’re a blast,” he says. Devon also says the dynamics and the comfort level with the family oriented group ultimately make for better music. “They kind of took me and my two daughters in like family,” says Devon.. He  recently signed an endorsement deal with Soultone Cymbals . His recent endorsement deal has landed him a whole new sound with the band and will be promoting the Turkish Cymbal company through pictures and video via Facebook / The Danny Thompson band web page.  Devon will also be featured and promoted through the Soultone website . Congrats to Devon on his new found success with The Danny Thompson Band and Soultone Cymbals!!.